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As I read the breaking news that the ANC supports amending the Constitution to support expropriation without compensation and while I do understand fixing the injustices of the past, I remember one thing my parents brought me up to believe: “Two wrongs don‘t make a right.”

The ANC‘s stance seems more to smell of political survival, than actually to benefit the people of South Africa. The reason I say this is very clear – there is absolutely no plan, no details of after the fact – after the “land” is expropriated. Like the deafening sound of crickets in a still evening, the current situation feels more like smoke and mirrors filled with idealism backed by communism filled with underlying capitalism and mixed with the idealism of democracy.

Yes, correct I mentioned idealism twice, as South Africa finds itself currently in a cycle. I say yes, OK, let us support expropriation of land without compensation. Then fundamentally we have to understand finances. If something is received for nothing it has no value, as no monetary value was ascertained while transfer of ownership was done. Then NO loan, bank loan or otherwise can be obtained against said land.

Simply put, you can not expect R10 for something that has been valued at zero. Then property as valued, within the same neighborhood should be equally adjusted and REDUCED thereby reducing municipal rates and taxes. So in short, great, we all look forward to this road of absolute depravity we are being led down!