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I‘m hoping beyond anything that tomorrow‘s election in Zimbabwe will bring about a fully democratic country, but my honest feeling is that Zanu-PF and its crooks, the ZEC among many others, have already rigged the election.

The foreign observers, and by them I mean those not from Southern Africa, as in the past they have always given the thumbs up to what was so blatantly cheated elections, which make them totally irrelevant this time as well, are just being used as puppets to give this election the nod.

The observers should have long ago been screaming from the rooftops that the voter‘s roll is not a true reflection of the Zimbabwean population, and that there has been complete bias in Zanu-PF‘s favor, but they have not, and in fact have accepted the lies that have been told to them.

Today is far too soon for the election and if Zanu-PF were truly putting on a free and fair show then they should have made all the required changes to all the legislation in order for an election that would be acceptable. If Zanu-PF were truly being totally democratic they should have allowed the UN or some other body acceptable to all parties to run this election, but as they are determined to stay in power they could not have this happen because they would lose the way to cheat once again.

I live in hope that what I have just written is not what will come to pass and that tomorrow will be fully free and fair and that Zimbabwe will finally be a free country for all it‘s citizens who have had to suffer the most terrible things under Bob and his despicable cronies.