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Dear Mr Manglin Pillay

I have to admit that I could not get myself to read . You see, if I have to describe what it’s like to be a white, female engineer in South Africa in one word: apologetic.  I have had to defend my position to all kinds of people and from all angles almost daily, but I am not doing that for you.

Thank you for assuming I am a caring person by default. Coincidentally I am, but that does not mean that I want to breed and raise kids. What I also am is a strong and independent engineer. (Please note – this time I left “woman” out of my title, because that should not matter.)

I am the first one to admit that there are things that men can do better than me, and I am glad for that. I think the world and all within is designed to have a perfect balance – and this is just one of the examples where two opposites complement each other. But following that reasoning, I bring something to engineering that no man can.

My last thought: Your article just basically ruined your future completely. So, just using that as an example I am already a better engineer than you. May you sleep better tonight, knowing that.