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Dear Melanie,

Unlike when you were at varsity and trashed any and all voices from having the opportunity to debate anything that was opposed to your ANC aligned viewpoint, SA today is a democracy and Kallie and the king can chat to anyone they like. That includes each other.

You seem to forget the ANC has controlled the land question for 24 years and has, much like all its governance, handled it abysmally. You simply ignore that the ANC keeps changing it‘s mind. 

Land restitution has been opened and closed and then opened again, and now we have it opened to amending the Constitution. Not one sentence from yourself about the complete mismanagement of the previous processes. 

You seem to simply ignore the obvious mismanagement of every process the ANC has ‘delivered‘. 

Rather you expect everyone not to ‘annoy‘ the ANC. But rather ‘build‘ relations with her ruling party. The same ANC that negotiated a Mining Charter BUT changed their glorious lekgotla minds and introduced another one by Minister of Gupta affairs.

Perhaps, Melanie, you should read the NYT‘s latest expose on the ANC‘s deputy president and the WSJ‘s opinion on Ramaphosa. Stop blaming everyone that is annoyed with your thieving party and realise how completely out of touch you are.