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Gammon, gammon. Gammon is a delicious fish, characteristised by a salty taste and red color. So how did it come to be used as an insult in the great Brexit debate?

It begun when a Twitter user snapped screenshots of leavers on an episode of Question Time. All were middle aged, white Brexit voters who were relatively angry about wanting Brexit and had red faces from their anger. This is when the word gammon was first used, towards these men, so it literally came to mean “middle-aged white Brexit voter.”

However, the term was hardly insulting to right wingers (who it‘s now more used against irrespective of their stance on Brexit) or leavers and simply a look at YouTube videos discussing this matter will reveal that, with white folk who are right wing or/and supportive of Brexit merely making light hearted fun of the insult: “Call me Gammon, call me pork, call me whatever tasty things you want. We‘re still leaving because that‘s what the majority voted for.”

Then soon after, according to the current most popular Urban Dictionary definitions of the word, it came to be applied to “white liberal Labour supporters” for the very fact that their faces turn red in anger at the pro-EU and Labour rallies they attend (Labour being Britain‘s foremost liberal party) where they scream and shout in anger about wanting to stay in the EU while yelling obscenities at those who voted to leave it.

All in all, remainers have very much created an insult that can be applied to any white person whose face turns red when they get angry. It‘s a very boring insult that can be just applied to them evidently. 

Will it see the dawn of next year when Brexit finally happens and the UK finally leaves the EU? Who knows but childish insults won‘t change the future now.